December 07, 2012

Three Kisses

I love kisses. In public. In private. On the lips or any other exquisite place a lover might choose to bestow one. I like soft ones, tender ones, sometimes ones that are a little rough. I especially like kisses that make a statement. My own experience has been that sometimes kissing can be a more intimate experience than anything else. And seriously, if you can't kiss a guy, how might you ever find yourself naked with him?

And then there are the kisses, the light and feathery ones that say we like you. We like what you have to say. We enjoyed your book. We're looking forward to the next installment.

Like the ones The Bondage Virgin just got from Read Our Lips! Book Reviews.

Three kisses means they think it a sweet and good read. Good enough to offer a free give-a-way. So stop on over to their website to read an excerpt. Enter to win or buy an extra copy for a friend.

In the meantime, I'm working on finishing the second in the trilogy.