No Ordinary Master

The relationship that started in The Bondage Virgin, the night Will Cooper initiated Rebecca Venturas into the world of bondage and discipline continues in the second book of this trilogy, No Ordinary Master.

Told through the eyes of both Rebecca and Will their relationship deepens and their love grows as they mix their outwardly vanilla lives with the roles they play in the privacy of his bedroom in the city and his wine cellar in the Hamptons.

Will is no ordinary Master and theirs is no typical dominant/submissive relationship. Instead,their only rules are the ones they create themselves.

Their unusual love opens up a part of Rebecca she never knew existed, one that feels more honest and true than she had known possible. Will finds himself less harsh with her as Master, surprising himself by how much he can enjoy the afterglow of their quieter, more vanilla moments.

But will that work?

Can they mix their intense polarity when they are ‘in scene’ with the appearance of a seemingly vanilla couple in public? What happens when they meet each other’s friends? Can Will put his darker past behind him? Will he push Rebecca’s boundaries too far? Can they find in their own brand of bondage and discipline, what they both desperately long for: trust, intimacy, and love?

The answers lie in No Ordinary Master.

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