February 09, 2015

My Valentine's Day Gift

I got something for you.

For free.

Yes  - FREE! 

For Valentine's Day I am gifting the first book in the hot and steamy Bondage Virgin Trilogy.

It's the night Rebecca loses her virginity to Bondage.
The night Will becomes her Master.
The night when both of their worlds change forever. 

Told through the eyes of both Will and Rebecca this is how it all began.

But I warn you.... this will not be enough for you. 

You'll want to know how Will and Rebecca mix their outwardly vanilla lives with what goes on in the privacy of their bedroom.

You'll want to know if Will  will push Rebecca's boundaries too far.

You'll want to know if they can make their own brand of bondage and discipline work.

You'll want to read the complete trilogy.

But for now - dip your toes in and try this for FREE - now through February 13, 2015

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