February 14, 2015

Through The Eyes Of The Master

An excerpt from The Bondage Virgin - The Complete Trilogy told through Will's voice.

She takes my breath away. There is no other way to describe it. No matter what Rebecca is doing or what she is wearing. Minutes ago she had on navy blue drawstring pants and a matching hoodie and looked as sexy as she does now, obediently waiting for me in front of the secret door, her wrists neatly crossed behind her back. The candlelight flickering across her waist, the diamond collar glistening high on her neck, her breasts firm and high, the nipples already hard and I haven’t even laid a hand on her.

I picked up the remote, hit the code and the door slid open. I motioned to Rebecca to walk in.

“Yes, Master.”

I followed close behind, the heat of the energy brewing between us almost palpable.

“Ah, you’re being so yielding tonight. You must be worried how harsh I might be.”

I stood next to her, wearing nothing but my gray striped drawstring pants, my feet bare against the flagstone floor and cupped my hand on her ass, which was covered only with the thread of the rose colored stretch lace thong. I  squeezed hard enough to make her wince and her body relax.

“I want you to be harsh, Master. I need it tonight.”

“I’m sure you do, after all that commotion last night.”

I leaned to her neck, kissing her in the exact spot that I had learned in the last months connected directly to her pussy. Just to be sure it  was working, I reached my hand between the fabric of the thong. Her lips were already engorged, my fingers slipping inside her with ease.

“I see you are quite ready for me.”

“I am, Master.”

Her flawless skin glowed in the candlelight, her face soft and submissive and waiting for my command, her body quivering with heat and longing.

“I think tonight we’re going to try something new.”

“Whatever you wish, Master.”

I ran my hands through my hair, my brain clicking away with what sort of a scene I wanted to set.
“I think we’ll start with a blindfold.”

“Yes, Master. Whatever you wish.”

I chose a rose silk blindfold with an elastic back from the drawer full of colorful choices.  I stood close enough to feel the rush of adrenalin already shooting through her body as I secured it over her eyes.

“You’re trembling. You trust me, don’t you?”

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February 13, 2015

The Toy Closet

An excerpt from The Bondage Virgin - The Complete Trilogy - told by Rebecca.

"Where are you going now?"

Will was behind me, but I couldn’t see him. The position in which the rope had bound me to the chair made it hurt too much to try and turn my head.

"I just told you not to worry. I'm right here."

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw him pause in front of his dresser and remove a key from another box, this one tiny, the size that might fit a pair of earrings.

He was walking in front of me again, his legs bare and muscular, the white of his shirttail contrasting with his olive skin. This must be what they meant about a “scene.” There seemed to be an almost scripted, dramatic effect to his movements.

“Are you curious what’s behind here, Rebecca?”

Will used the key to point to the closet, its height surpassing him by at least a foot. There were two door panels, each looking to be about three feet wide. With the exception of a simple bevel inlay and the fact the doors opening from the center, the only thing that seemed unusual was that they looked to be fitted with a lock, as you might find on the outside of a house.

“Should I be?”

Will smiled as he slipped the key into the center lock. He paused for a moment, turning to catch my eye before pulling the doors wide open.

Rows of shelves edged the inside walls, filled with a collection of blindfolds and hoods. There were cuffs, some metal, looking very police-like and others leather, some lined with fur. There were red, purple and black skeins of the same Japanese silk rope that held me in place, next to rolls of wide tape in the same colors.

A metal cylinder, about four feet long with another foot and a half of chain link on each end, suspended in the center and was anchored to the inside walls. There was other hardware, round and triangular shaped hooks around the inside circumference of the door frame. One had a long black satin sash looped through it.

On the inside of the left door, hung a selection of whips, paddles, flogs and riding crops in various materials from leather to wood to bamboo, some flat, some braided. There were even a few with ostrich feathers on the tips. On the inside of the right door hung an array of leather harnesses in different colors and beneath that were jeweled nipple clamps and collars. 

And then there was the center. Against the back wall stood a wide, full-length mirror bordered in that same dark walnut that matched the rest of the bedroom furniture. For the first time since I had walked into his apartment I could see what I looked like, half-naked, bound to a chair and unable to move.

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February 09, 2015

My Valentine's Day Gift

I got something for you.

For free.

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For Valentine's Day I am gifting the first book in the hot and steamy Bondage Virgin Trilogy.

It's the night Rebecca loses her virginity to Bondage.
The night Will becomes her Master.
The night when both of their worlds change forever. 

Told through the eyes of both Will and Rebecca this is how it all began.

But I warn you.... this will not be enough for you. 

You'll want to know how Will and Rebecca mix their outwardly vanilla lives with what goes on in the privacy of their bedroom.

You'll want to know if Will  will push Rebecca's boundaries too far.

You'll want to know if they can make their own brand of bondage and discipline work.

You'll want to read the complete trilogy.

But for now - dip your toes in and try this for FREE - now through February 13, 2015

January 21, 2015

The Bondage Virgin - The Complete Trilogy

He was no ordinary master.
She was no ordinary slave.
Theirs was no ordinary relationship.

The Bondage Virgin - The Complete Trilogy - the story of Rebecca Venturas and Will Cooper told from the beginning is here!

A story in three parts The Bondage Virgin - The Complete Trilogy begins the night Will initiates Rebecca into the world of bondage and discipline. What Rebecca thought would be an isolated adventure turns out to be the beginning of something much bigger than she had ever imagined!

From Losing Her Bondage Virginity to No Ordinary Master to Rebecca Unleashed we see their relationship deepen and their love grow as they mix their outwardly vanilla lives with the roles they play in the privacy of his bedroom in New York and his wine cellar in the Hamptons.

But will that work?
Can Will put his darker past behind him?
Will he push Rebecca’s boundaries too far?
Will he break her trust?
Can they find in their own brand of bondage and discipline, what they both desperately long for: trust, intimacy, and love?

The answers lie in The Bondage Virgin - The Complete Trilogy - on sale today!

February 16, 2014

All Tied Up

I've been bad.
Really bad.

And we know what happens when I've been bad.
I get all tied up.
Restrained against my will.
Unable to move much less type a word.

I've kept you all waiting.
On the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next to Rebecca and Will.

I promised there would be a Book 3.
I promised the conclusion to The Bondage Virgin Trilogy.
I promised a third book after No Ordinary Master.

But my Master - all that other work I do to pay the rent when I am not being Veronica - it got in the way. Restrained me. Bound me. Left me without words.

Now, I've been unleashed.
I'm ready to finish.

Are you ready to read? 

The Trilogy is complete.
Read it here!!!