February 16, 2014

All Tied Up

I've been bad.
Really bad.

And we know what happens when I've been bad.
I get all tied up.
Restrained against my will.
Unable to move much less type a word.

I've kept you all waiting.
On the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next to Rebecca and Will.

I promised there would be a Book 3.
I promised the conclusion to The Bondage Virgin Trilogy.
I promised a third book after No Ordinary Master.

But my Master - all that other work I do to pay the rent when I am not being Veronica - it got in the way. Restrained me. Bound me. Left me without words.

Now, I've been unleashed.
I'm ready to finish.

Are you ready to read? 

The Trilogy is complete.
Read it here!!!