February 14, 2015

Through The Eyes Of The Master

An excerpt from The Bondage Virgin - The Complete Trilogy told through Will's voice.

She takes my breath away. There is no other way to describe it. No matter what Rebecca is doing or what she is wearing. Minutes ago she had on navy blue drawstring pants and a matching hoodie and looked as sexy as she does now, obediently waiting for me in front of the secret door, her wrists neatly crossed behind her back. The candlelight flickering across her waist, the diamond collar glistening high on her neck, her breasts firm and high, the nipples already hard and I haven’t even laid a hand on her.

I picked up the remote, hit the code and the door slid open. I motioned to Rebecca to walk in.

“Yes, Master.”

I followed close behind, the heat of the energy brewing between us almost palpable.

“Ah, you’re being so yielding tonight. You must be worried how harsh I might be.”

I stood next to her, wearing nothing but my gray striped drawstring pants, my feet bare against the flagstone floor and cupped my hand on her ass, which was covered only with the thread of the rose colored stretch lace thong. I  squeezed hard enough to make her wince and her body relax.

“I want you to be harsh, Master. I need it tonight.”

“I’m sure you do, after all that commotion last night.”

I leaned to her neck, kissing her in the exact spot that I had learned in the last months connected directly to her pussy. Just to be sure it  was working, I reached my hand between the fabric of the thong. Her lips were already engorged, my fingers slipping inside her with ease.

“I see you are quite ready for me.”

“I am, Master.”

Her flawless skin glowed in the candlelight, her face soft and submissive and waiting for my command, her body quivering with heat and longing.

“I think tonight we’re going to try something new.”

“Whatever you wish, Master.”

I ran my hands through my hair, my brain clicking away with what sort of a scene I wanted to set.
“I think we’ll start with a blindfold.”

“Yes, Master. Whatever you wish.”

I chose a rose silk blindfold with an elastic back from the drawer full of colorful choices.  I stood close enough to feel the rush of adrenalin already shooting through her body as I secured it over her eyes.

“You’re trembling. You trust me, don’t you?”

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